Arkansas Time Traveler Caught on Camera??

Arkansas Time Traveler Caught on Camera

Is time travel really possible? Some say it’s pure sci-fi but we may change your mind. One of our friends who only wants to be known as K.M. at this time sent in some pictures of what he says is proof. K.M. says the man in this picture is not only holding a smartphone, he

The Unburied At The Beaver Bridge

Long ago the areas around today’s Beaver Lake were the hunting grounds of the Osage. The cool waters of the White River flowed thru the fertile valley and offered fresh water to the villagers and the prey they would hunt. Over the years, white settlers gradually displaced the Osage presence and eventually a man named

The Famous Cowboy “King of the Pecos”

Most people know about John Chisum through movies and TV. You can see it advertised on billboards, like the billboard advertising near me, and maybe even the restaurant that was named after him, but not many know he died in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. John Simpson Chisum was born on August 16, 1824 in Hardeman County,

Strange UFO Report In Fayetteville

Reported: 8/23/2013 12:27:27 PM 12:27Location: Fayetteville, ARShape: CircularDuration:10 minutes It was after work on a week day, I stepped out into the backyard to enjoy the nice weather while I was talking on the phone with my grandmother-in-law. I had sat down in my lawn chair facing North when I noticed out of the corner

6 Arkansas Stories To Keep You Up At Night

Everyone likes a scary story and Arkansas and it’s surrounding areas are FULL of them. We took a look on Amazon and found some pretty scary stuff. Here is a list of 6 Arkansas Stories that will keep you up at night. When Mark Spencer and his family moved into the beautiful old Allen House

Small Town Witts Springs a.k.a Witt Springs Midgetville

Small Town Witts Springs, AR a.k.a Midgetville

A man name Jason reported finding the ruins of a “Small Town” near Witts Springs, AR when he was out exploring. Witt Springs has under 100 residents and is a very small town but population size isn’t what he is talking about when it comes to small. He said there are several logs style homes