Arkansas Time Traveler Caught on Camera??

Is time travel really possible? Some say it’s pure sci-fi but we may change your mind. One of our friends who only wants to be known as K.M. at this time sent in some pictures of what he says is proof. K.M. says the man in this picture is not only holding a smartphone, he has what looks to be modern sneakers that don’t fit into the time period of this photo.

Arkansas Time Traveler Caught on Camera

The picture was in a old jewelry box left to his family from the grandmother. The young man standing next to the time traveler is looking at the time traveler as if he knows something is different about him or his device. We asked K.M. to scan the photo so we can get a better look and the images are pretty shocking.

No matter how much we looked to debunk this photo it was just too real. Clearly this time traveler is holding some sort of device but the shoes.. I don’t believe anything from this time period looked similar. Made a believer out of Mr. Spooky.