Wolf Photo Bombs Family Picture Day

Once upon a time… No, this is Arkansas! Our stories start with… You’re not going to believe this: In a dense forest, there lived a pack of wolves. They were a curious bunch, always on the lookout for new things to explore and discover. One day, while out for a morning hunt using the scope

Is this proof of the Fouke Monster?

Fouke Monster

We have seen the picture of the Ghost Attacking Deer Caught On Camera but is there a deeper story here? Back in the early 1950s, in the town of Fouke in Miller County, Arkansas people were reporting a creature now known as the Fouke Monster. This creature was reported to kill livestock, deer, and there

Scary Zombie Lady in the Woods! “Gentry Zombie”

New footage of an old lady out in the middle of a seven hundred acre private hunting club’s upland bird range. No houses for miles and most of the property is locked in by a creek. She was spotted on a security camera walking around in the field and she even took a hard look

Deer Cam Ghost Girl?

This little girl has been caught on deer cameras several times playing with large deer and other wild animals. No information is available for these photos. It’s rumored to be the spirit of a girl who went missing in Arkansas a few year back near this field. Again, we have no information about these images

Arkansas Time Traveler Caught on Camera??

Arkansas Time Traveler Caught on Camera

Is time travel really possible? Some say it’s pure sci-fi but we may change your mind. One of our friends who only wants to be known as K.M. at this time sent in some pictures of what he says is proof. K.M. says the man in this picture is not only holding a smartphone, he

The Famous Cowboy “King of the Pecos”

Most people know about John Chisum through movies and TV. You can see it advertised on billboards, like the billboard advertising near me, and maybe even the restaurant that was named after him, but not many know he died in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. John Simpson Chisum was born on August 16, 1824 in Hardeman County,