Ghost Attacking Deer Caught On Camera

A family that currently lives in Pea Ridge, Arkansas found some shocking footage after setting up a few deer cams on their property. Some of you out there with larger properties know that deer tend to stay in groups and stick to an area they know. It’s very common to see the same 30 –

Pictures of Dear Darla Ghost

Picture of Dear Darla's Ghost

If you don’t know about the Ghost of Monte Ne “Dear Darla” I strongly suggest you read her story. The Ghost of Dear Darla is spotted every year around Halloween night walking around Monte Ne in Rogers Arkansas, most recently sighted by visitors in the hotel ruins looking out of a window. A woman named

The White River Wader

I peeked out my bedroom window one October night. The fog had been settling over the White River and I could barely see past a few feet. With hesitation, I grabbed my fishing gear and waders to go fish the No Moon night. Driving to my honey spot was slow and hazardous. Visibility was zero.

The Unburied At The Beaver Bridge

Long ago the areas around today’s Beaver Lake were the hunting grounds of the Osage. The cool waters of the White River flowed thru the fertile valley and offered fresh water to the villagers and the prey they would hunt. Over the years, white settlers gradually displaced the Osage presence and eventually a man named

6 Arkansas Stories To Keep You Up At Night

Everyone likes a scary story and Arkansas and it’s surrounding areas are FULL of them. We took a look on Amazon and found some pretty scary stuff. Here is a list of 6 Arkansas Stories that will keep you up at night. When Mark Spencer and his family moved into the beautiful old Allen House

The Ghost of Monte Ne “Dear Darla”

Dear Darla - The Ghost of Monte Ne

The Ghost of Monte Ne “Dear Darla” “Dear Darla” is back and this time she left a token for her family. This week just after sunset a man visiting the old Monte Ne hotel was approached by a young girl who was scared and asking for a ride. No questions, the man helped her into

The Ghost of the Frisco Station Strangler

The Ghost of the Frisco Station Strangler

We all know stories the authorities want us to know about Northwest Arkansas but what about the stories they don’t talk about… Did you ever hear the legend about the ghost of the Frisco Station Strangler? If not, I bet you also don’t know the legend of why they leave the obelisk on the Southwest