Goshen’s Twin Bridges Triangle

Drive East in Washington County, Arkansas along the swaying route of Hwy 45 and you will see that it’s scenic and lined with small communities of wealth and power. As you get closer to the small town of Goshen, motorists may want to be aware of the Twin Bridges Triangle.

Goshen can be found in the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas with a small population of about 1,100 people. It sits just seven miles east of Fayetteville with the nearby White River and what is known locally as The Twin Bridges. Originally the town’s name was College Grove. It wasn’t called Goshen until 1876 when the town built the old Post Office. The Twin Bridges sits on Arkansas State Hwy 45, part of the 1926 State Highways. It is unclear as to when the newer bridges were built.

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What is clear is that several motorists, boaters and fisherman have spoken of strange occurrences while around the 2 bridges dating back to the late 1800’s.

One witness from 1903 stated that while plowing the northern field, he heard Native American chanting. When he would stop, so would the chants.

A fisherman in 1933 went missing and assumed to have died. He was located in Detroit Michigan still dressed in his fishing attire and carrying a fishing pole. He insisted he had no idea how he got there and that he was fishing the river that same morning.

Teenagers hanging out late one night in 1988 experienced many ghost like figures walking along the road. They were nearly naked and appeared sad as they walked past. The sounds of weeping women and children crying were deafening.

Throughout the years many people have died at the bridges. Drownings, disappearances and auto accidents have plagued the Triangle and for decades townsfolk have told takes of the strange happenings. Many stories have died away over time. Some too embarrassed to tell their experience fearing they may be deemed crazy.

One thing is for sure; If you are at the Twin Bridges Triangle, you may want to be aware of your surroundings.