Strange UFO Report In Fayetteville

Reported: 8/23/2013 12:27:27 PM 12:27
Location: Fayetteville, AR
Shape: Circular
Duration:10 minutes

It was after work on a week day, I stepped out into the backyard to enjoy the nice weather while I was talking on the phone with my grandmother-in-law. I had sat down in my lawn chair facing North when I noticed out of the corner of my left eye, which would have been to the West, what appeared at first to be a bird that was gliding. The wind was blowing out of the North and it was like when a bird faces into the wind and is able to just hold its wings out and kind of stay in one spot while riding the current of the wind. After about 30 seconds of noticing the object I realized that this thing was moving slowly but with no movement (wings flapping). I looked over at the object and to my surprise it was not a bird but only what I could describe as a solid black walnut shape. It seemed to be so close, but is hard to say how far away from me it was. 

It was black, circular shaped craft, observed in broad daylight, floating across the sky with no sound.

I dropped the phone in amazement, not caring about the phone call no longer, knowing I would never witness this again. It was the weirdest feeling because my brain would not register what I was looking at. I watched this object fly into the Northeast direction, with absolutely no sound associated with the craft at all, until it disappeared into the clouds. It stayed at the same speed the entire time of the observation, and since it moved across my vision from southwest to northeast, there were plenty of angles to tell that in did not have any wings.

I still to this day can not believe and will never forget this experience, since it happened in broad daylight! I have seen plenty of odd acting lights in the sky over the years, knowing they were not of anything mankind has produced…at least publicly. From what I think the distance was from my position on the ground, the craft must have been around 25 to 50 feet in diameter.