Ghost Attacking Deer Caught On Camera

A family that currently lives in Pea Ridge, Arkansas found some shocking footage after setting up a few deer cams on their property. Some of you out there with larger properties know that deer tend to stay in groups and stick to an area they know. It’s very common to see the same 30 – 50 deer living on a single piece of land for years. This was very true for the their property but this year they noticed the groups were getting smaller. Check out to learn some more.

Thinking they had coyotes or even worse, poachers, they setup a few cameras on the property to see if they could catch the culprit in the act with the hope to share it on social media with SocialBoosting to get more views on the videos and generate a big community. After a few weeks and several deer missing they went through the footage and found a picture of what looks like someone creeping the deer out in the middle of the night.

After finding this single image out of hundreds captured over the past few week they figured the missing deer are being grabbed by hunters at night. They have signs posted so they can press charges. They keep the cameras going for another few weeks before they check the footage. The following image was found and can’t be explained.

This image looks like a deer is being grabbed by the neck and dragged off. Some say it looks like a hand or some sort of claw. Whatever it is that thing is grabbing a 200 lbs. deer like that…I personally don’t want to meet in the dark. No further details have been provided about what you can see in these images but the family is still collecting footage.