The Ghost of Monte Ne “Dear Darla”

The Ghost of Monte Ne “Dear Darla”

“Dear Darla” is back and this time she left a token for her family. This week just after sunset a man visiting the old Monte Ne hotel was approached by a young girl who was scared and asking for a ride. No questions, the man helped her into his car and rushed her home. The girl was silent the entire ride but as he pulled into the driveway the girl whispers “My mom says this sweater was her favorite on me”. He turns back to ask for her name but when he turned around she was gone. The only thing sitting there was a sweater on the back seat. After a few minutes of thinking he was crazy the man decides to grab the jacket and walk it up to the door. Darla’s mom opens the door and the man told her that he gave her child a ride home but she must have ran off and left her sweater in his car. The mom falls to her knees crying. She tells the man that every year on this day someone knocks on her door saying they gave her daughter a ride home but can’t find her. This was the sweater she was wearing the night she went missing.

If you don’t already know who “Dear Darla” is by now here is what they say happened. It all started back in 1988 with Darla Johnson and her boyfriend Jason heading out to the lake for a party. Survivors from that night say when the two young lovers got to the ruins of Monte Ne they start drinking with their friends inside the old hotel. A few hours go by and Darla and Jason head around back to get some alone time in. While messing around, a man dressed all in black approaches them very fast, pushing the girl to the ground and attacking her boyfriend. Scared for her life, Darla starts to run down the highway screaming for help. Her friends say the man gave chase into the darkness but they were all frozen in terror and did not attempt to follow them. Soon after, Darla’s screams for help were silenced and everything was quite. Police were called in to search the side roads and the surrounding woods with no luck. Divers search the lake and still found nothing. The search for Darla went on for months but the young girls remains were never found.

To this day her body has never been found. Many people claim to have seen her after dark running down the side of the road screaming for help, others say they see a young girl looking out of the top floor window of the Monte Ne Hotel, but most people say they picked her up on the side of the road and drove her home.


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