Small Town Witts Springs a.k.a Witt Springs Midgetville

A man name Jason reported finding the ruins of a “Small Town” near Witts Springs, AR when he was out exploring. Witt Springs has under 100 residents and is a very small town but population size isn’t what he is talking about when it comes to small.

Small Town Witts Springs, AR a.k.a Midgetville

He said there are several logs style homes that are unusually short with doors about 4 foot tall, windows set to the height of children, and barely enough room for a full grown adult to stand up in.   Above is the only known image of this town and Jason was unwilling to provide directions to what he said is “my new hideaway”.

He named the town… “Witt Springs Midgetville”.

There are several know communities just like “Witt Springs Midgetville” all over the united states. These communities are always developed in rural areas outside of towns and hidden away from the general public to protect the residents. This attempt to provide a safe haven for little people has also sparked the interest of the outside world.

There are many videos online of people taking tours of these towns. Fortunately,  none of the video I found has shown the residents of these towns. Problem is people walk up to the front doors of these houses and take pictures. If you do come across a “little people” town we encourage you to treat these areas the same as your own neighborhood and let people be.

Jason went on to describe in detail the small furniture scatter about the area and the working fireplaces. He said the dishes he did see in what may have been a kitchen looked to be normal size. He said one of the cups was “plastic” meaning people could have lived here in the not so distant past.

Makes me wonder how long this town was active, what happened to the residence, and why did they leave. Jason mention that most of the homes were burned down and looked ransacked. Is this due to random vandals destroying abandoned homes or were the residence of  “Witt Springs Midgetville” forced to leave.